Outdoor furniture industry status

Outdoor furniture industry status

Nowadays, there are more and more enterprises, and the consumer population is certain. If you want to divide the piece of outdoor furniture into a big cake, you need to try your best to attract consumers' attention.

       Service project sloppy

       The competition in the outdoor furniture industry is becoming more and more fierce, and all companies are designing, designing and offering. In fact, price and design are important, and service is indispensable. Relatively speaking, if the price of the two houses is similar, but the service quality of the expensive one is good, I will definitely choose a little more, because the furniture used as a family furniture for a long time is not so easy to change, the relative pre-sale design. Service and after-sales installation services must be followed. Pre-sales and after-sales service is done by every company. Here, we are talking about the improvement of service details. In addition to tailor-made and making the most suitable outdoor furniture, we also need to improve the various outdoor furniture after sale. The quality of the problem. In today's industry, manufacturers and distributors who do not have a good sense of service are hard to stand on. To be good at furniture, we must abide by the principle. Fudge customers is the foundation of the brand. Do not mix and match customers, even if you have one time. Get it, but this danger is always there. You don't know what the bomb is detonating, or be careful. Responsibility of the company will cause the dealer to leave the company.


Green production, healthy long stay

        With the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements are not only practical, but modern people pay attention to health. After all, the body is the capital of the revolution. If there is no capital, everything will be the castle in the air. Outdoor furniture is no exception, and environmentally friendly production has entered our eyes.

Especially in China, air pollution, land pollution and water pollution are still serious. As the largest country in the production of outdoor furniture, China's environmental protection in the production of outdoor furniture has a profound impact on the quality of China's environment. If you want to create green furniture that suits consumers' minds, it is important to choose a coating that is environmentally friendly.