How to choose a comfortable office chair


1. The choice of office chair material is also very important. First of all, the mesh material structure is loose, which is more material-saving than traditional materials. Traditional leather and cloth office chairs have to add sponge cushions on the basis of the frame, which not only consumes more materials, but also sacrifices breathability for the pursuit of comfort and thick seat and backrest.


2. The selection of office tables and chairs can be divided into: boss chairs, work chairs, conference chairs, meeting chairs, sofa seats and ergonomic chairs. Generally, it is selected according to the functional requirements of the office space. For example, the office area should choose Shuyi's back-spinning chair for long-term computer work, and the reception area provides a good waiting environment for visiting customers by choosing Shuyi's sofa seat.

In addition, the style of the office chair should be coordinated with the surrounding space style. The modern office space should be harmonious with the simple and stylish office chair. At the same time, we must also consider the color of the desk and choose some with the wall and floor. The color of the art and other office furniture echoes the color of the seat.


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